It’s SPOOOOKY time here at BKL

Hi ya’ll

After just having moved into our own house, I cannot wait to get started with decorating for halloween. Maybe we’ll even have some trick or treaters here…. I better have some candy ready. Anyway, while browsing some ideas for our annual pumpkin carving session, I came across this amazing pumpkin carving “how to” over at real simple. I am no doubt going to try some of their suggestions – especially cutting a hole out at the back and not around the stem which causes the pumpkin to weaken and makes it degrade a lot quicker.

Pumpking carving …here I come!

BKL Pumpkin Image

BKL is back | Quick recap

Greetings all,
I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since my last post. I know it’s bad….very bad. For some reason time just flew by and with the wedding planning, honey moon going, full-time job, and……and……and. I know there are absolutely NO EXCUSES.

Anyway now that that’s out of the way we can now focus on what an amazing and eventful year it has been.

Lets recap:

My man and I got hitched (big yay) last September. He has now officially taken on the “hubby” title. Had a very nice civil ceremony with close family and had a big bash the following day. We really wanted to have a toast and party with all of our close friends. Most of the planning was done by yours truly – however we couldn’t have done it without the help our families. Here’s an enormous THANK YOU to all of you who made our day so very special. IMG_20140927_174704

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The eternal city | A long weekend in Roma

A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I decided it was time for a weekend getaway. Since we had a long weekend coming up we thought it was the best time to take a city trip to Rome. I had already been once, but my fiancé had never actually visited and seen the sight. Our plan was to get in as much as possible in the 3 days that we were there, and by that I don’t just mean sights; I am also talking about food and gelato :-)

We stayed at a small B&B on Via Giulia. It was perfect – we felt close to everything but without the hustle and bustle of tourist masses. Tucked away Hotel Relais Giulia was our home base for the next three days.


After arriving we really only wanted to have a real Roman dinner so my fiancé lead us to a small restaurant he and his lacrosse team eat at when they have games. The restaurant Armando is located in the student district of San Lorenzo and ended up being the best food we ate all weekend. To start off we had some antipasti – where we got to choose from a plethora of appetizers. Mozzarella di Buffala, Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, Arancini, the list goes on. You also have to try the homemade pizza, and the famous cacio e pepe pasta.

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A Classic | Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Close your eyes and imagine biting into the softest, chewiest chocolate chip cookie EVER…. Really, go ahead and close your eyes. Well maybe just close one, because I do want you to keep on reading and with both eyes closed we both know that wouldn’t be possible.


One of the hardest thing to find in the supermarket is a soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie, even back in the states it took me quite a bit of trying to find the perfect one. Let’s not even talk about what’s available at our local supermarkets here. Anyway, long story short…the craving took over and home made chocolate chip cookies it was. Thank goodness we were invited to dinner that same evening, otherwise I think my fiancé and I would have finished the whole batch. Six of them made a great hosting gift.

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American Sunday | Fudgy Blueberry Brownies

I know, I know, its been wayyy too long since I’ve posted anything. You all probably thought that I had disappeared into la la land, but….. nope. No la la land for me. Excuses are overrated, but it’s been quite busy at work so I was completely beat every night and just couldn’t get myself to put anything down on paper, well e-paper AND I’ve been finalizing the plans for our upcoming wedding. Even though we are getting married in a small civil ceremony there are lots of things to plan.

Blueberry brownies_1

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Spring has sprung


Who knew flowers can make someone smile all day long.

Having just returned from vacation and still fighting with my jetlag, I went on to buy my usual breakfast before going to work. For some reason I always seem to ‘stop and smell the flowers’ but never end up buying them. This day was different….

Already being on a flower trip from my own wedding planning and having attended a friends wedding with some the most amazing flower arrangements I decided to ‘stop and BUY the flowers’. Three beautiful bundles of peonies – nothing else feels more like spring than the smell of fresh flowers.

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Brown Sugar Crunch Cranberry Scones


So I realized that it’s about time that I post something again. It has been wayyyy too long. The holidays came and went so fast I didn’t even have time to think about it. We spent a few very nice days in Davos with family and friends. It has become somewhat of a tradition for my parents to venture over to this side of the world and celebrate Christmas in the mountains. Having spent a lot of Christmases in warm weather with decorated palm trees (yes, it sounds weird, but I’ve grown to love them) it was quite a nice change to spend Christmas the way everyone reads about it. Mountains, snow, warm cozy fires, decorated Christmas trees…..

This holiday season was also a bit sweeter and memorable for because my man and I decided that we are the ones for each other and got engaged :-) Big YAY.

Last time my parents came to visit, my mom brought me a couple of packs of dried cranberries. I love them and in a regular Swiss (non-city) supermarket they are almost impossible to find. Don’t ask me why.

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Let the Advent Season begin

Hello all

‘Tis the season to start baking Christmas cookies, snuggling up at home with a good movie while the snow is falling outside, and most of all making an advent wreath.
Ever since I moved to Switzerland, I have taken it upon myself to make a ‘home made’ advent wreath. Since we always spend Christmas with our families we aren’t too big on putting up any other Christmas decorations, but an Advent wreath is a definite must.


Every year I get inspired by meandering through the different decorating stores with their thousands of christmas decor pieces. I get inspired by the colors in our house and by my daily walks through the forest with Pixie (our puppy lab).
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Perfect Thanksgiving Desert | Pumpkin Pie

Hello all,

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Finally I am able to sit down and write up another recipe. This one is perfect for a day like today: Thanksgiving. I know that we are trying very hard in Switzerland to follow the American tradition of celebrating this almost purely eating holiday, but it has not come close to being able to celebrate Thanksgiving in America. The full table of food and loved ones, the smell of the turkey roasting in the oven, as well as the completely overdone thanksgiving decorations are missed.

Pumpkin Pie

Even though we will not be celebrating Thanksgiving in a traditional way I have a whole lot to be thankful for this year – and I don’t need a turkey, stuffing or a pumpkin pie to know that.
In order to find the ingredients for this scrumptious pumpkin pie I had to search through numerous gourmet stores. Canned Pumpkin is only found about 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after Thanksgiving. Thinking ahead a bough quite a few cans – lots of pumpkin pies to come. Haha.

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Summer Break

Toronto, CANHuge apologies for not posting any recipes in the last 4 weeks. Fortunately for me I was enjoying some time on vacation. A vacation that was well needed after pretty much not having any for about 2 years. I was so excited the day before we left, I didn’t sleep at all (which for all you world travelers out there isn’t too bad for a long distance flight from Zurich to Toronto).

We were in Toronto for a wedding – which was absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Denis and Trish for the wonderful celebration. We had a blast! After about 4 days in Toronto we took a bus and headed on over to Buffalo, NY. Unfortunately I have to say that the journey was never ending and it ended up being twice as long as we had expected. Not only were we three hours late getting into Buffalo, but we also had a 10 hour drive in front of us to Tennessee. After making it about half way down the United States we had to call it a day in Flatwood, West Virginia. One more state I can put on the list of having visited.  The next day we got up really early so we could make it for breakfast at my parents’ house.

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