Brown Sugar Crunch Cranberry Scones


So I realized that it’s about time that I post something again. It has been wayyyy too long. The holidays came and went so fast I didn’t even have time to think about it. We spent a few very nice days in Davos with family and friends. It has become somewhat of a tradition for my parents to venture over to this side of the world and celebrate Christmas in the mountains. Having spent a lot of Christmases in warm weather with decorated palm trees (yes, it sounds weird, but I’ve grown to love them) it was quite a nice change to spend Christmas the way everyone reads about it. Mountains, snow, warm cozy fires, decorated Christmas trees…..

This holiday season was also a bit sweeter and memorable for because my man and I decided that we are the ones for each other and got engaged :-) Big YAY.

Last time my parents came to visit, my mom brought me a couple of packs of dried cranberries. I love them and in a regular Swiss (non-city) supermarket they are almost impossible to find. Don’t ask me why.

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