The eternal city | A long weekend in Roma

A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I decided it was time for a weekend getaway. Since we had a long weekend coming up we thought it was the best time to take a city trip to Rome. I had already been once, but my fiancé had never actually visited and seen the sight. Our plan was to get in as much as possible in the 3 days that we were there, and by that I don’t just mean sights; I am also talking about food and gelato 🙂

We stayed at a small B&B on Via Giulia. It was perfect – we felt close to everything but without the hustle and bustle of tourist masses. Tucked away Hotel Relais Giulia was our home base for the next three days.


After arriving we really only wanted to have a real Roman dinner so my fiancé lead us to a small restaurant he and his lacrosse team eat at when they have games. The restaurant Armando is located in the student district of San Lorenzo and ended up being the best food we ate all weekend. To start off we had some antipasti – where we got to choose from a plethora of appetizers. Mozzarella di Buffala, Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, Arancini, the list goes on. You also have to try the homemade pizza, and the famous cacio e pepe pasta.

On our second day, after trekking through half of Rome we headed for our first Gelato of many. Grom, was our target. It is a chain gelato store where flavors change depending on the season and everything is made with the best ingredients with no artificial additives or coloring. Stracciatella was my gelato of choice. Yummmmmy.



After getting ready for the evening we met our friends from Zurich who were also in Rome that same weekend. Bar del Fico near Piazza Navona was our meeting point. It might look like a run down bar from the outside, but once inside, you realize that it is purposely run down. Its a bar where locals, expats and tourists mile from early afternoon to the wee hours of the morning. Fabulous. The drinks are first class – specially the mojito. If you get there at 6:00pm you might be one of the lucky few to score some of the aperitivi they serve. Oven roasted potatoes and focaccia topped with various ingredients. Once we had tickled our stomachs we headed to Trastevere for dinner.


During our after dinner walk we were lead to a bar that was no bigger than our own living room. Bar San Calisto serves a specialty called Sgroppino. Without telling us what was actually in the concoction we were told to eat/drink it. So that’s what we did. Low and behold, it was absolutely delicious – also very dangerous. Dangerous in the sense that it is so sweet, so had no idea how much alcohol you were drinking. By now you are probably thinking about googling what Sgroppino is – well let me tell you, its super simple… lime sorbet and vodka. See, super simple.

We ended the night with a drink at BumBum di mel bar, where the drink you are served covers the daily serving of fruits a person is supposed to eat. My pineapple, strawberry mojito was dessert and midnight snack turned into one 🙂


All in all we had an amazing weekend, with great food, great wine and great friends. I would recommend visiting Rome to anyone. Just steer clear of the tourist trap restaurants who try to serve you ‘roman cuisine’ secretly made in the microwave.



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