Summer Break

Toronto, CANHuge apologies for not posting any recipes in the last 4 weeks. Fortunately for me I was enjoying some time on vacation. A vacation that was well needed after pretty much not having any for about 2 years. I was so excited the day before we left, I didn’t sleep at all (which for all you world travelers out there isn’t too bad for a long distance flight from Zurich to Toronto).

We were in Toronto for a wedding – which was absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Denis and Trish for the wonderful celebration. We had a blast! After about 4 days in Toronto we took a bus and headed on over to Buffalo, NY. Unfortunately I have to say that the journey was never ending and it ended up being twice as long as we had expected. Not only were we three hours late getting into Buffalo, but we also had a 10 hour drive in front of us to Tennessee. After making it about half way down the United States we had to call it a day in Flatwood, West Virginia. One more state I can put on the list of having visited.  The next day we got up really early so we could make it for breakfast at my parents’ house.

Finally in Tennessee we were able to just relax and by relaxing I don’t just mean doing nothing, but doing everything we don’t get to do in our everyday lives (busy as we are). Activities such as wakeboarding, jet skiing, canoeing, paddle boarding filled our days.

Chelaque Lake, Tennessee

Of course one of our days was also spent shopping at the local outlets. For those of you living in Switzerland know how important this ONE day is during vacation. This is the time when you can buy your winter wardrobe for half the price you would have paid in Switzerland J This year however we did not spend all of our money on just clothes – we also went to the kitchen supply stores. Let me tell you, I was in heave. They had everything imaginable to make your life easier (in the kitchen that is).

As I only get to see my parents 2-3 times a year (I live in Switzerland and they live in the States and are travelling for the most part of the year) we try and spend as much time together as possible when we do see each other. Long family dinners and breakfasts are a must.  One very nice evening was spent at one of our favorite spots in Tennessee. A restaurant we always go to when we are visiting: Amis Mill. Not only is their food spectacularly southern – the restaurant also overlooks a beautiful waterfall creating a very welcoming atmosphere.

Amis Mill, Tennessee

All in all it was a truly great vacation. Discovering a new city above the border and getting to spend some q-time with my loved ones in Tennessee. Thanks Mom and Dad for the hospitality – I am sure we will be back.

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