Let the Advent Season begin

Hello all

‘Tis the season to start baking Christmas cookies, snuggling up at home with a good movie while the snow is falling outside, and most of all making an advent wreath.
Ever since I moved to Switzerland, I have taken it upon myself to make a ‘home made’ advent wreath. Since we always spend Christmas with our families we aren’t too big on putting up any other Christmas decorations, but an Advent wreath is a definite must.


Every year I get inspired by meandering through the different decorating stores with their thousands of christmas decor pieces. I get inspired by the colors in our house and by my daily walks through the forest with Pixie (our puppy lab).

This year the wreath reflects the colors of gold and amber as well as burgundy bow. The smell of the cinnamon sticks reminds me of the Christmas season and fills the room with calming scent.


Even though this decorative object is only around for about 4 weeks in the year it is something I look forward to as soon as the days start getting shorter and the air outside gets cooler. It is a tradition that will hopefully live on for years to come.

Today for the 1. Advent we will be lighting the first candle. Every sunday one more candle is lit – until the Sunday right before Christmas.

What do you look forward to most during the christmas/holiday season?
Do you have any holiday family traditions that you hold dear to your heart?


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