Spring has sprung


Who knew flowers can make someone smile all day long.

Having just returned from vacation and still fighting with my jetlag, I went on to buy my usual breakfast before going to work. For some reason I always seem to ‘stop and smell the flowers’ but never end up buying them. This day was different….

Already being on a flower trip from my own wedding planning and having attended a friends wedding with some the most amazing flower arrangements I decided to ‘stop and BUY the flowers’. Three beautiful bundles of peonies – nothing else feels more like spring than the smell of fresh flowers.


Off I went with my 3 bundles of flowers and a huge smile on my face. By the looks from all the passer by’s I was clearly more excited than anyone else at 8:00 am in the morning. I could not stop looking at the buds and was anxiously waiting for them to open. All I could do was smile; every time I walked passed them in my office – and I walked passed quite a few times. I am now assuming all of you know how the first day back at work feels when you return from vacation – let’s put it this way: it’s not exactly pretty. All in all, these 3 bundles of peony buds saved the day.

Back at home I arranged them in 2 vases to let each flower glow in its glory – and let me tell you, every hour the buds open up a bit more and they are surely becoming some of the most amazing flowers I have ever seen.

Happy Spring everyone!


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